Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Reader Writes about Commenting at National Catholic Reporter: "I Posted, 'This Bigotry Against Gays Is Evil and Must Stop' . . . It Got Removed"

Yesterday, I wrote that people who read the National Catholic Reporter and this blog have emailed me for some time now to express concern and ask questions about why NCR seems to close comments on some articles — especially ones related to gay issues, they maintain — so quickly now, when it didn't seem to do that in the past. 

As I noted, because NCR does not share any information (at least, none that I've seen) about how it handles its moderating and commenting systems with NCR readers or in a public forum, I certainly cannot answer that question. I asked what readers of this blog who read NCR think is going on here. 

I've had several comments deleted at NCR and always thought, fair enough. That was a while back. Recently, though, in exasperation I posted: "This bigotry against gays is evil and must stop." Was it too obvious? Too incendiary? Too early in the morning? I don't know, but it got removed.

I don't know, either. None of us can know why the NCR moderators make the decisions they make, when their policies regarding erasing comments are not transparent. 

But I think Neko's report that the following comment was erased by the NCR censors is well worth noting — and discussing: This bigotry against gays is evil and must stop.

Why? Erased why?

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