Friday, September 5, 2014

Droppings from the Catholic Birdcage: "I Wonder What Justice Scalia Has to Say Now"

Because isn't he not only a Catholic, but one who frequently claims that his Catholic values infuse everything he does as a Supreme Court justice — and who has argued that Christian values must infuse capitalistic societies if those societies are to succeed? Since capitalism is more Christian than socialism — or so he claims . . . . 

Here's stellaluna at Daily Kos commenting on the story I told yesterday — Scalia's hot insistence that men who turned out not to have been guilty of the crime for which they were imprisoned for thirty years deserved the death penalty for their non-existent crime:

It isn't often that a Supreme Court Justice is shown just how utterly wrong his opinions are. Luckily today,  at least two men have overcome a system designed to convict the accused and have proven just how fallible our highest court can be. I wonder what Justice Scalia has to say now.

I wonder, too, since, as I understand from a Christian vantage point, love means always having to say we're sorry. Over and over again, as we grow in our understanding of what Jesus's frightening open-ended challenge to love unremittingly and everywhere means for us concretely, in each of our life journeys . . . . 

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