Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Paprocki Show (and Gov. Quinn's Signing of Marriage Equality into Law in Illinois): Twitter Coverage

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice," Martin Luther King.

Dave McKinney has tweeted a photo of the inside cover of the program being handed out at Bishop Paprock's exorcism ceremony today:

He also tweets the beginning of the exorcism ritual inside the program, starting with the words, "I exorcise you":

 Hannah Meisel tweets that the parking lot at the Springfield cathedral is full:

Alexandrea Davis has tweeted a photo of protesters standing the rain outside the cathedral:

Meanwhile, a whole slew of tweets about the ceremony in which Gov. Pat Quinn has signed the marriage equality into law at this link. At its website, Chicago Sun Times has videos including live video feed (though I think the signing event is now over)--but I have been able to access this site and its materials only sporadically, so you may have difficulty doing so, too. I assume many people are logging onto it at present.

(Thanks to Conrad Noll for the valuable suggestion of following Twitter coverage of the Paprocki show. More may still be coming online. I'll let you know of any significant links that come to my attention. Tomorrow, I hope to provide a list of links to commentary about Paprocki and exorcism I've gathered in the last few days, which strikes me as good.)

The graphic is a photo of curved light by Richard Michie published by the BBC.

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