Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Footnote to My Previous Posting about Theologians' Statement on Marriage and Family: You Are Invited to Participate

A quick footnote to my previous posting: when I read the statement on marriage and family published by Catholic theologians at John Wijngaards's website earlier today, I did not notice that

1. The statement invites other Catholic scholars to sign, and asks those scholars to contact Professor Wijngaards by email with a note about their credentials. The email address is provided at the second link above.

2. It also invites any Catholic to sign the statement, and provides a link for these signatures. It's here.

3. It also has a link that invites Catholics to provide their own personal testimony about the issues of contraception, divorce, and gay marriage/gay experience in the church. That link is here.

Thanks to bosicO for pointing out these links in a comment she has made in response to my previous posting, and to Jim McCrea for noting the same in the thread that has developed as this statement is being discussed at National Catholic Reporter.

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