Sunday, November 17, 2013

Alan McCornick on Paprocki Show: Break Out the Popcorn

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Don't miss Alan McCornick's wise (and funny and so well-written) take on the impending Paprocki show, at Alan's Hepzibah blog. Alan suggests that gay folks often "miss the theatrical value of the clowns leading the homophobic mobs," and in the case of Paprocki, we may want to break out the popcorn and enjoy the show:

You’ve got to love this pagan bishop running things in Springfield, Illinois.  He’s fixin’ to get out his abracadabras and his holy water and fling some Jesus at the Cathedral they put him in charge of.  “Out, damned spot!”  “Away with ye, oh spirits of darkness!”   Hit the road, heathens!   Buzz off, Beelzebub. 
I wonder how we might get tickets.

And he (rightly, in my view) sees the impending show as all about Paprocki's assertion that the rites, teaching, doctrine, language, authority, etc., of the Roman Catholic church belong in an exclusive way to him and other hierarchical figures, vs. lay Catholic political leaders--especially Democratic ones--in states like Illinois, who dared to invoke the words of Pope Francis as they voted for marriage equality recently:

Paprocki made a name for himself long ago trying to drum Catholics out of his church.  For years, now he has been demanding that Catholics who don’t toe the line on birth control, abortion and homosexuality have no place at the altar.  Get way from the Blessed Sacrament, you heathen Democrat.  Jesus is MINE! 

Go. Read. Enjoy Alan's scintillating posting. And check to see that your popcorn supply is sufficient for the upcoming show. 

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