Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quote for Day: Some Republican Jihadists Live in "An Alternate Cognitive Universe in Which the Poor Lord It Over the Rich"

Arthur Godwag at Salon this morning on what roils the Republican base right now:

Some of the Republican jihadists who pressed for default feel so personally violated by the presence of a black family in the White House that they would just as soon burn it down as reclaim it. And some live in such a bubble of denial—an alternate cognitive universe in which the poor lord it over the rich and white Christians are a persecuted minority, in which a president who was twice elected by an overwhelming popular majority is a pretender, and a law that Congress attempted to overturn more than 40 times was "never debated"—that they have convinced themselves that a default would have actually been a good thing, that it would have restored the U.S. economy to a sound foundation.

The illustration is from John Taylor's 1647 pamphlet-cum-picture book, The World Turned Upside Down (London: John Smith, 1647). 

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