Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Droppings from the Catholic Birdcage: Shutdown and Catholic Values--What Catholic Values?

This is one of the stinky sort of birdcage droppings, written by a Catholic who persistently touts himself as an arch-defender of Catholic values at the National Catholic Reporter site, but who clearly has no clue about the Catholic tradition's insistence on putting the common good first and foremost: 

Make sure you buy plenty of Listerine to disinfect your mouth from the manure sandwich which is ObamaCare, I mean the laughably named Affordable Care Act. 
By this shutdown, we now get a picture of what is non essential. This is a good starting point to get rid of huge portions of the Federal Government. Start with the Department of Education, then the Department of Energy

If it's not clear, the preceding is Dromig's response to his fellow Catholics who signed the open letter decrying the federal shutdown, to which I just linked in my previous posting. Those Catholic leaders who signed the letter include a number of leading American religious women like Sister Simone Campbell, by the way--but nary a U.S. Catholic bishop. As Patricksday states in the same thread, 

The USCCB are silent not a word against the Beast on Wall Street they serve.

And, of course, this is the kind of observation that got me censored this past April by the NCR moderators. In Patricksday's case, though, I'm hoping the censors will let his comment stand, since it doesn't explicitly mention His Eminence Cardinal Dolan, the USCCB president, as mine did--two days after I had posted critical commentary about His Eminence's lack of demonstrable pastoral concern for LGBTI Catholics, which quickly garnered over 750 reads and was circulated at a number of other blog sites.

And which I've long thought was the backdrop to NCR's choice to censor my comment about how the USCCB is the bought-and-paid-for creature of the Republican party and its filthy-rich handlers . . . . 

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