Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Disqus Problems!

Dear Readers,

Please note Chris Morley's comment here this morning that Disqus seems to be having problems at many sites today. I have noticed problems with Disqus at National Catholic Reporter today, and Chris tells me problems are occurring with Disqus here, too.

I now subscribe to a Disqus service that notifies blog administrators of problems as they happen and are resolved, but haven't yet gotten any notice from Disqus about the current problems, so I can't give you any specifics--but will do so as I receive information.

Meanwhile, since Chris says Disqus has eaten some of his comments (and I'm sorry about that!), you may want to compose your comments in a word-processing program like Word or TextEdit, and save them as you upload them to Disqus, in case they get lost. My apologies for the glitch, and many thanks to Chris for telling me about them.

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