Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The High Price of Letting Men Make "God" in Their Own Image: A Selection of Recent Comments

We profess that men and women are created in the image and likeness of God, but as men we have created God in our own image. And this God is very small, very male, and sees women as the lesser of men.

I have asked Google for images of Pope Francis with women. Out of the hundreds shown of the Pope, I only found three of him with a woman.

Whatever the case, this papacy looks and feels very different. But let’s not be na├»ve: a PR offensive headed by a more likable pope is not an action, but a reaction.

Frank, just how many women will you be contracting to write the female’s perspective about God?  It seems to me when women undertake such efforts they tend to suffer sanctions unless they echo the men’s perspectives about what they think women’s perspective should be.*

It is easier to write poems to the Virgin and kneel before Her image than to pay attention to what is happening to women in many corners of our world. 

If these young ladies were in a public school, they’d have a shot at justice, but in America these days, a white man can put the word "Christian" in front of any behavior from boorish to criminal, and suddenly he's untouchable.**

THIS is what bigotry looks like. A grown man who should know better decided it was OK to step in and "teach" my child what it is to be manly.

With his slight frame, lower-class background, questioning of his gender identity, inability to hold down a typical job, general dorkiness and dysfunctional family life, Manning does not fit the poster boy image that GLAAD or the HRC would hold up and promote.

*I'm indebted to Dennis Coday at NCR for the link to this posting.

**My thanks to Fred Clark at his Slacktivist site for featuring this article by Jean Ann Esselink recently. It goes without saying that I've also borrowed shamelessly from Fred's blogging style in this posting.

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