Saturday, August 3, 2013

Disqus Log-In or Commenting Problems?

Several readers have contacted me again recently to say that they're having problems logging into Disqus to leave comments. I'm very concerned about this, and sorry it has been happening. Because we spent yesterday traveling back towards home from our trip (and have another day's drive to reach home), I haven't been able to look at this problem carefully.

I will, however, report it to the Disqus folks and see if we can obtain some help. Meanwhile, here's a link to a Disqus help page about logging into the Disqus system in general. And here's a link for those who want to connect Disqus to a social networking account like Twitter.

Here's a help page for those who are having various kinds of problems leaving comments. And here's a page specifically for those having problems logging in.

I don't by any means intend to give those of you experiencing log-in or commenting problems a runaround by directing you to these help pages. I intend to do all I can to address your problems. 

But I did want you to have at least some possible guidance while I'm on the road and unable to devote as much time as I'd like to trouble-shooting. I am sincerely sorry these problems are happening to some of you, and don't know why they'd be cropping up all of a sudden--but I intend to try to get to the bottom of them quickly. Thanks to those who have told me about the issues.

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