Sunday, August 4, 2013

The "Daily Show" and The Onion on Pope Saying Gay

And for a bit of end-of-/beginning-of-week jocularity about Francis's saying-gay remarks, John Oliver for the "Daily Show" (above). And then there's The Onion

Following Pope Francis’ tolerant remarks Sunday about homosexuals and the Catholic Church, Vatican officials reportedly went into crisis mode, announcing that the Pope’s thoughtful message of understanding was clearly taken out of context. "It is not the official stance of the Pope or the Catholic Church that all people of good will who seek the Lord, especially gay people, should be accepted by Christ," a visibly nervous Vatican spokesman told reporters, adding that the Holy Father was clearly tired after his long trip to Brazil and never meant for his comments to sound caring or realistic. "Homosexuality is a disorder. And this in no way means that, going forward, the Catholic Church will be an open-minded, more sensible organization. I assure you we are just as prejudiced and backward today as we were yesterday. Thank you." According to an anonymous source close to the Vatican, the Pope is currently being yelled at by Church officials, who are telling him, "You don’t just go off script like that. Who the fuck do you think you are?"

No intent on my part to offend anyone with these bits of humor. As some wag said somewhere somewhen, Ridere est orare, no?

(Thanks to Chris Morley for providing these links in a comment here last week, and to Jim McCrea for sharing them by email.)

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