Friday, October 5, 2012

Warning Message about Malware?

Dear Folks,

Two readers of Bilgrimage have notified me that they're now receiving warning messages when they try to access Bilgrimage.  If I understand aright, the message tells readers that there's malware at a site to which the blog has been linked in my blog list--the Killing the Buddha site.

I have no idea about what might be happening with the Killing the Buddha site, but as I told the first reader who informed me of this warning message, I have strong doubts that Killing the Buddha is generating or communicating malware to readers.  As I also noted, National Catholic Reporter was generating a warning message similar to this several months ago, and insofar as I know anything about what was going on with that reliable and good publication, NCR was not the source of any bona fide malware for its readers.

Just this week, a progressive political blog I read daily gave me a similar error message when I tried to click on it.  I clicked through the message and went to the blog with no ill effects that I can discern.  I also notified the blog owners of the message, and they emailed me back to tell me they were working to figure out and correct the problem.

I seem to see more of this kind of thing happening lately--reliable progressive political and religious blogs generating mysterious error messages for readers.  I wonder why this seems to be happening more and more right now, if I'm correct that this is the case.  Just this week, I received a spam tweet from an e-friend who is connected to me by Facebook and Twitter, and who reads this blog regularly--and who is also a progressive political activist involved in a number of important groups.  Because I suspected the message was not from my friend, I tweeted him back and discovered that he didn't send it or know who or why it had been sent.

I did want to let readers know that I have absolutely no reason at all to think my site is the source of malware or viruses.  Nor do I think the Killing the Buddha site is the source of such problems, either.

But because some readers are receiving a warning message telling you that my site may pose problems for your computer because it has linked to Killing the Buddha, I've just deleted my link to the Killing the Buddha site.  I appreciate readers who have told me of this problem, and I hope that removing this link will resolve any problems any readers may have encountered.

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