Saturday, October 6, 2012

Adam Levin on Mitt Romney and Liar Loans: Be Very Afraid

And speaking of liars (piggybacking here on what I just wrote about Cordileone's installation as archbishop of San Francisco): Adam Levin writes at Huffington Post about what Mitt Romney and liar loans have in common.  An excerpt: 

Governor Romney's debate appearance was a classic bait-and-switch. For a riveting ninety minutes, he dangled the bait of moderation--vague, smiling words about business-friendly regulation and blue-sky economic recovery, unburdened by any indication of how he would get it done. Not the worst way to divert attention from everything he's said over the past few years to clinch the Republican Party's nomination--a list that includes aggressive deregulation of Wall Street, tax cuts for the wealthiest few, and cuts and privatization for the programs upon which millions of Americans depend, such as Social Security and Medicare. And, of course, the deficit's linchpin: Sesame Street. 
Which brings us to the switch--the scam that could make this the biggest liar loan America has ever seen.

As Levin reminds us, Mr. Romney's bait-and-switch is, of course, about money and power.  And he wants the keys to the White House so that he can repeal the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, which which regulates predatory practices of lenders and requires at least a modicum more transparency than had hitherto been required of the loan sharks.

And so, Levin concludes, we should be very afraid to hand those keys over to a smiling liar who reinvents himself at the drop of a hat, and says one thing to his friends when he imagines he's behind closed doors and something else altogether to the public whose favor he's currying.  Because smiling liars with two faces have a rather well-known track history when the obtain the keys to the houses of power anywhere in the world . . . . 

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