Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rosie Perez on Mitt as a Gay Latina

And because I can't help myself--because this video produced by the Jewish Council for Education and Research and the American Bridges SuperPAC says so much that I had hoped to say in what I just posted about love and about who still continues to control the center-defining and power-allocating conversations of the center--I offer this today for readers who may be interested.

I continue to think, God help me, that Messrs. Romney and Ryan will probably prevail in the coming elections.  And I also continue to think that for all the Catholic centrists who have expressed concern about the lack of truthfulness of both gentlemen during the campaign and about Mr. Ryan's lapses from Catholic social teaching, this won't be regarded as a tragedy.

They thrive, after all, when the hard right is in power.  This positions them to be the voice of conscience of the Catholic tradition chiding those of the hard right (which they've long facilitated) for failing to meet this or that standard of Catholic moral teaching.

This positions them, in other words to maintain their own very cozy power at the center.

Meanwhile, real people are hurt very decisively by the political leaders of the hard right whom people of "conscience" in the center right help place in power.  Real lives are broken by political leaders of the hard right . . .

while Catholic people of "conscience" in the center don't talk in the least about those real lives and how they've been broken with the active complicity of Catholic people of "conscience" who claim to represent the Catholic tradition in a pre-eminent way.

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