Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nationwide Catholic "Counter" Rallies Next Friday, Noon, June 8, for Abused Children, Women, Sisters, & Gay Persons

As I just noted at the end of my posting a moment ago, a reader I value has sent the following announcement about counter rallies that are being organized to occur simultaneously with the nationwide USCCB- sponsored "religious freedom" rallies this coming Friday.  In contrast to the USCCB-sponsored rallies, these counter rallies don't seem to be centrally organized with a website to which I can point readers for more information.  But the announcement is informative and clear, and should answer any questions interested readers may have about attending, wearing white, bringing signs to indicate your concerns, and doing local organizing to gather other like-minded Catholics in your area.  The proposal to encourage Catholics who want to give a counter-witness to the narrow, politically partisan and lopsided USCCB definition of religious freedom strikes me as very good:

WHAT: Catholic "counter" rallies to show solidarity (A) with women, including American Sisters, disrespected by the hierarchy, (B) with children abused by priests protected by the hierarchy, and (C) with gay Catholics insensitively treated by the hierarchy.  The bishops will also be holding at the same time and place a rally to object to the new proposed HHS regulations on health insurance for contraception. The venue will give all Catholics a chance to voice their concerns on other hierarchical concerns the bishops appear uninterested in addressing with Catholics generally.

WHEN: Noon, next Friday, June 8.

WHERE: 133 U.S. Cities. For a location near you, click on the icon for "Rally Info & Locations" here.

HOW: Just show up wearing something WHITE to identify yourself as having concerns other than banning health insurance for contraception.  Bring family, friends, neighbors and fellow parishioners.  If you like, make an appropriate sign.  Be respectful.  If media representatives are there, let them know where you stand.  Circulate this info widely, please.

WHY: The rallies are being planned by well-funded groups allied with the pope and US bishops and their right-wing partners to generate publicity to oppose health insurance for contraception as part of an election year strategy.  This anti-contraception ploy is no longer effective with most Americans, including Catholics, as indicated under "Papal Ploys, Still" here.

Catholics, instead, want to attend the rallies to show their solidarity with victims of priest sexual abuse, with women, including American Sisters, disrespected by the hierarchy, and with gay persons maligned insensitively by the pope and US bishops.

For more background information, please read the comment under, "S.O.S. ... Rallies" here.

If any of these perons matter to you, as they should if you try to follow the Gospel message, show up please and make your voice heard!

Cross-posted at Open Tabernacle, 2 June 2012.

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