Thursday, June 14, 2012

In the News: Nuns, Religious Freedom, Gay Parents, North Carolina Legislating

P.S.  When you have a moment, please denounce my book: Professor Marie Fortune writes a letter to the pope.

State senators in North Carolina passed a measure Tuesday in open defiance of the laws of nature: North Carolina legislates.

It’s part of a broader project of raising concerns that might break loose economically populist but socially conservative voters in the swing states: North Dakotans say no to the Catholic bishops and religious right re: "religious freedom."

While WCF participants make the case that they’re being denied their fundamental rights, they are in fact using “religious freedom” as a cover to deny women, children, sexual minorities, and others access to basic needs and protections: World Congress of Families spells out what religious freedom for me but not for thee means in the real world. 

conseritave means you beleive in the values of the founding fathers and God. Do you know you cant procreate right?: Republican political activist Nanette Billings of Hurricane Valley, Utah, 'splains it all to gay presidential candidate Fred Karger.

Mark Regnerus has a new study, funded by socially conservative organizations, that claims to compare gay parents with straight parents. Except it doesn't: Andrew Sullivan sums up the new study "proving" that "gay" parents are inadequate.

What was proven is that the bishops can turn out 63,000 people to support their cause, and LCWR can only turn out a few hundred. That battle has been lost before it ever began, to quote Sun Tzu (The Art of War): at NCR, Paula Quigley cites Sun Tzu's military warfare treatise to tell Catholics supporting the sisters that the bishops won a huge battle with the Stand Up for Religious Freedom rallies.

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