Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fortnight for Freedom and Nuns on Bus: Protest Signs, Real and Fantasized

The U.S. Catholic bishops have kicked off their "fortnight for freedom" hoopla, and the graphic above shows how at least one American Catholic, Brandon Vogt, is choosing to celebrate his and the bishops'  freedom.

As some of the men of the church celebrate their freedom, some American religious women are touring the nation to point to deprived areas in which celebration seems . . . misplaced and unseemly. . . and to point out that the budget proposed by Rep. Ryan, a Catholic, is . . . more than a little skewed away from core Catholic values of justice and solidarity with the poor.  The nuns' bus tour is being greeted enthusiastically in the places they visit,  and seems to be making such an impact that right-wing Iowa talk radio host Jan Mickelson opined several days ago that some "guys" should "pistol whip" the religious women for daring to call the Ryan budget into question.  

Iowa Rep. Tom Latham, to whom Mickelson opined said opinion, guffawed in response and opined back as to how it's such fun to be on Mickelson's show.

And as these events happen, I want to share with readers a nice cache of proposed protest signs a reader of Bilgrimage has sent me.  Some of these, he's seen in use at rallies protesting the bishops' religious freedom initiative.  Others are his own invention.  

Many of these are rather clever, and I offer them for readers' entertainment on a hot early summer day when many of our spirits may be flagging due to the heat, the scorched earth of the American political landscape, etc., etc.  (Any favorites?  I have to admit liking the one about religious liberty reading better in the original German, though I'm also taken by the one about the bishops not playing with a full eucharist.  The final sign seems prescient, in light of Mickelson's remark, which came down the pike a number of days after the reader sent this list of signs to me.)

So here they are:

Religious Liberty !

From the same folks who
brought you pedophilia !!

Bishops  :

Pillars of moral authority ?
Or stunningly ugly failures ?

Bishops are always right !
Even when they're wrong.

Refuse to accept moral superiority
from an institution
that has never exhibited it.

I stay warm at night
Knowing the Bishops
Always act in my best interests.

All policy must be set
By elderly celibate men

Jesus wasn't focused on doctrine
Jesus focused on ministry

Jesus didn't die on a cross
To justify self-righteous old men

Christianity means nothing
Unless it is Christ-like.

"Religious liberty" actually reads
Better in the original German

Ecclesiastical hypocrisy
Will continue at increasing levels
Until the suspicion of hypocrisy is wiped out.

Any God
whose will can be thwarted
by a piece of latex
is not worth worshipping

The road to hell is paved with the skulls of Bishops

Does the male hierarchy have
any real sense of lived Christianity ?

O do they they just operate as politicians and CEO's.

Are the Bishops defending the Church ?

Or defending whatever cloaks
their own fears & weaknesses ?

Bishops aren't stupid.
Or Liars.

It's just that they  work really hard
At not finding things
That contradict what Rome thinks.

Crusades !
Soldiers for Christ !
Secret Warrior Societies !!

Let Benedict's year of Faith begin !!

Obama is a hologram
projected by a chinese satellite.
And he's under your bed right now !

Behold the moral authority
Of the Bishops !!

Since 1978
natural selection
within the Church
has been based solely on obedience.

Obama could die.
Then rise on the third day.
And still not win over the Bishops.

The Bishops aren't playing with a full Eucharist.

So when did it all stop being Clinton's fault ?
I'm so confused.

The Bishops' Conference ;
A creepy little circle-jerk of self-righteousness.

If God had wanted us
To learn from the enlightenment
He wouldn't have given us the Vatican

I distrust the people
Who know so well
What God wants them to do

Because I notice
It always coincides with their desires.

The Papacy is not the work of Christ

I don't want my Church back.
I want my Church forward.

Who Bully Nuns.
Aren't Men

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