Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seven Questions about the Tebow Phenomenon: My Two Cents' Worth

My two cents (and they're not worth much, I feel pretty sure) on the Tim Tebow phenomenon, in the form of questions:

1. Would the media be lionizing Tim Tebow if she were Tammy Tebow? 
2. And if she were black? 
3. And Muslim? 
4. Would the media be lionizing Tim Tebow if he were gay?
5. And not an evangelical Christian? 
6. And not middle-class and American? 
7. And if his "big wins" were on the stage in a ballet performance and not on the football field?

We're celebrating ourselves when we celebrate Tim Tebow.

We're celebrating our white, middle-class, American, God-endorsed male heterosexist supremacy in the world.  We're celebrating our right to be better than those we despise.  We're celebrating our right to despise.  We're celebrating our right to lord it over, misuse, and abuse our "inferiors."

And we're imagining that, in all of this, we have God on our side and that we're pro-life, pro-family, pro-God.  And that the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is about winners and losers--about us as winners, because we play God's game on God's big American football field.

And that the gospel is about everyone else in the world as losers on whom we have the God-given right to urinate after we've brutalized them.

And so God have mercy on our souls and on the souls of everyone our nation, the city on a hill, the light glowing in the darkness of the world, the nation with the soul of a church, encounters.

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