Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kate Childs-Graham: Encountering God in the Thin Places

And just because--because I've been working overtime on a project that wears me out (but is engrossing and enjoyable to pursue) and I need a break; because so much meanness pours out of the mouths of some Catholic leaders and some brother and sister Catholics today, and wears the spirit to a nubbin; and because there's also so much goodness and holiness among the people of God in the world, baptized and unbaptized:

For all these reasons, I want to take long overdue notice of Kate Childs-Graham's beautiful essay before Christmas about the birth of her and her spouse Ariana's son last year.  I had bookmarked this when I first read it, but was traveling (and Christmasing) when I did so, and let the article slip away from me.

I want to bring it to readers' attention now.  Just because.  Because that meanness that pours all too easily out of the mouths of many fellow Catholics needs to be offset by celebration of the holiness and goodness that abide among those these brother and sister Catholics vilify.  

I sorely wish that Cardinal Antonelli and my fellow Catholics who excuse and defend his ugly remarks about his brothers and sisters who happen to gay could spend some time with folks like Kate Childs-Graham.  If they did so, and opened their hearts during the encounter, they might learn that their stereotypes of gay and lesbian persons and couples as self-centered and offering nothing to society are as wildly off the mark as is the bizarre proposal that the U.N. is about to gay up half the world.

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