Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jeffrey Eugenides's The Marriage Plot: An Audio Clip

What follows is an experiment, and it may well not work--because I am definitely not one of God's most techie-savvy creatures.  Here's the frame for the experiment: after I posted recently about Jeffrey Eugenides's new novel The Marriage Plot, Esther Bochner, senior publicist for Macmillan Audio, emailed to thank me for my comments and offered me an audio clip of Eugenides reading from Marriage Plot.

I told Esther that I'd be happy to upload the clip in a subsequent posting, and she kindly sent it to me yesterday.  If I am doing things right, it should be embedded in this link.  And so all you should have to do is click on the link if you want to listen to the section of the book Eugenides is reading. 

As I said before, Eugenides is one of the current masters of American prose, and I could read him writing about paint drying and be entertained.  As with his previous Pulitzer-winning novel Middlesex, his latest novel is wise, hilarious, extremely well-written.  And eminently worth reading.

And I hope the link will work for any reader interested in hearing Eugenides read from Marriage Plot.

(P.S., moments later: darn.  Not working.  I'll keep tampering and see if I can figure out how to embed the clip.  Sorry for the failed link, all.  Looks like this may turn into a much-needed learning experience for me.)

(P.P.S. Seems to be working now!  Thanks to Ms. Bochner and her ability to work technological magic that eludes me.)

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