Monday, July 25, 2011

Michael Bayly and Kittredge Cherry on Feast of St. Boris and Beginning of Gay Marriage in New York

And speaking of valuable commentary at other Catholic blog sites today, don't miss Michael Bayly's reflection on how the beginning of civil marriage for same-sex couples in New York yesterday coincided with the feast day of St. Boris in various Christian liturgical calendars.  As Michael points out, because of his long and rich relationship of love with George the Hungarian, many LGBT Christians have found inspiration in the story of Boris.

Boris and George were murdered together, and as Kittredge Cherry points out in a marvelous posting at her Jesus in Love blog yesterday, Simon Karlinsky has noted that one of the motives for the murder was evidently to punish the couple for the love they displayed towards each other.  Boris's brother Gleb, who hesitated to abandon his brother as Boris was murdered, was also killed, and the Russian Orthodox church has designated Boris and Gleb as "the passion bearers."

Both Michael and Kittredge feature an icon of Boris and George that Br. Robert Lentz, OFM, has produced.  It's the icon with which I've also illustrated this posting.

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