Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jon Stewart on American Conservatives' Claim That They're the Real Victims in the Norway Shootings

Jon Stewart is brilliant re: how American conservatives have made the attempt to dissect the motives of Norwegian shooter Anders Breivik all about them.  And about persecution of Christians.  This segment begins right before the one minute mark.

Stewart tells conservatives, 

People drawing the connection between the philosophical underpinnings of his [i.e., Breivik's] madness are not doing it to get at you.  The connection stems mostly from two things: the shooter's fifteen hundred-page crucifix-drenched call to reclaim western Christiandom from the infidels, and two, the shooter's Knights Templars 2083 powerpoint video paying tribute to Christian crusaders from Charles the Hammer to Vlad the Impaler.

And listen to Bill O'Reilly rant on about how there's no evidence Breivik is any shape, form, or fashion a Christian, and so it's totally outrageous to associate Breivik with Christiany anything at all, when O'Reilly called Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan a Muslim terrorist because he carried a business card saying he was a soldier of Allah.

It appears that for the American right-wing noise machine, sauce for the goose is never sauce for the gander, when the goose is Islam and the gander is Christianity.  Christianity, about which they themselves know so inerrantly well . . . .

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