Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Andrew Sullivan on the Bachmann Surge: The "Core Nature" of What Republicans Have Made of Themselves

Andrew Sullivan on Michelle Bachmann's surge in the Republican presidential race:

The fact that a congresswoman with no legislative record, with a husband whose business is involved with "curing" gays, and who believes that US government default is no big deal is suddenly the front-runner for the GOP nomination tells you everything you could conceivably want to know about the sheer degeneracy and derangement of the current GOP - and the profound weakness of the Romney candidacy.

The party deserves her candidacy - because she so perfectly represents its core nature.

And he's right.  Andrew Sullivan's word counts even more here, because he was, at one point, a card-carrying member of the American neocon establishment.

The horrific possibility to contemplate, however, is that Michelle Bachmann might well become the next leader of the "free" world.

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