Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Alexander McCall Smith on Finding God in Moral Beauty

 Alexander McCall Smith on finding God in moral beauty:

Something to do with beauty.  Yes, she thought, that was one way of expressing it.  Moral beauty existed as clearly as any other form of beauty and perhaps that was where we would find the God who was so vividly, and sometimes bizarrely, described in our noisy religious explanations.  It was an intriguing experience, a secular painting a religious icon, a beguiling face a passing angel, Alexander McCall Smith, The Lost Art of Gratitude (NY: Random House, 2009) (p. 201).

A God who approaches many of us not in our "noisy religious explanations" but in the "secular" realm of beauty--the beauty of a face, a painting . . . .

(And, on the moral beauty I find in Smith's own work, see my previous posting "We Are All Care of One Another.")

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