Friday, June 19, 2009

Tips for Searching Bilgrimage

As another week ends, it occurs to me to mention some tips for using Bilgrimage, if you're doing research or want to look back for information on various topics or themes. I'm offering these tips, in part, in response to a comment at a posting earlier today, suggesting that I have never ("not once," the comment says) addressed the broader injustices towards women within the Catholic church and other churches.

Unfortunately, the person making that statement appears to be ill-informed, since there is abundant--copious, in fact--material on this blog regarding the churches' (and society's) need to deal with injustice towards women, and what the churches stand to learn if they empower women and if male leaders of churches like the Catholic church cultivate "maternal" virtues. Because this poster may not understand how to use the blog's tools to research prominent themes of Bilgrimage, I'd like to offer some tips.

One of the first steps for locating material in previous postings is to use the search bar at the top left of the blog. Enter a term or phrase there (e.g., women's rights), click "search blog," and the search engine will bring up all postings in which the term or phrase occurs.

Please note that for many topics or phrases, there will be multiple pages of postings. After you've scrolled down one page to the end, if you click "older posts" at the bottom right of the column of postings on that page, it will bring you to a page with previous posts using the same term or phrase. You may find multiple pages of postings dealing with any one term.

If you want to search within any one of those pages for the term or phrase, simply use the "find" feature in your browser to find the word or phrase in each posting.

If you want to follow a theme--again, e.g., women's rights--in various postings, note the labels underneath each posting. Click on any label, and it will bring up all postings that employ that particular label--that is, all postings that highlight the particular theme described in that label.

For instance, if you click the "women's rights" label below any posting, you'll immediately see thirteen postings that use that label. Many more postings may contain a term or phrase for which you're searching, of course, since not every posting contains a comprehensive set of labels for all material included in the posting.

Note, too, that other commonly used labels on the blog may connect to the one you're searching. For instance, if you're searching the label "women's rights," don't forget about labels like "gender," "gender roles," "male-female complementarity," "male entitlement," "misogyny," etc., all of which link to the topic "women's rights" in various ways. For each of these labels, you'll find multiple postings on this blog using that label .

I hope these search tips will be useful to readers who want to follow themes or threads on the blog. Because I try to blog most weekdays and sometimes on weekends, there's an abundance of material on many different themes on this blog, for readers interested in exploring various topics.