Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Disclaimer about Ads at Bilgrimage Site

This is a brief notice I've been meaning to place on my Bilgrimage blog.

It's about the Google ads that accompany the blog.

I'd like to make readers aware that I don't control or endorse the content of these ads. I do have the ability (I believe) to request that some ads be blocked, though I have found that my use of Blogger's system for blocking ads doesn't always result in their being blocked, for some reason.

And that may have a lot more to do with my lack of expertise at using Blogger's tools than with any deficiency in those tools.

Not only do I not control or endorse the content of all ads, I find that some ads on the site point to websites whose political and/or religious positions are strongly at odds with my own. I intend to keep monitoring ads on the site and trying to assure that inappropriate ads don't show up on the site, but as I do so, please keep in mind that I am finding my attempts to do this unsuccessful in some cases.