Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Banquet Menu Chez Nous

Our inaugural banquet to celebrate the new president's inauguration:

Soup (homemade cream of mushroom or leek and potato)

White beans

Mixed greens (turnip, collards, mustard)


German potato salad

Pickled beets


Sweetened iced tea

Pear preserves

All made at home with loving attention except for the potato salad, which is from a can. And of course no sugar in the cornbread (perish the thought: it's not dessert!). And of course it's made from white corn and not yellow.

A feast fit for supping lords and supping ladies. And for commoners like us, who prefer these delicacies of our upbringing to any kickshaw the finest table might offer.

And our table is set for anyone in need who finds her or his way to our door. There is a gracious plenty, where beans and cornbread abound.