Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Mary McAleese on "Fake Hetero Homophobes" Within the Clergy, and the Terrible Damage They Do

Stephen McDermott, "'I find them terrifying': Mary McAleese wary of gay priests and nuns who preach anti-LGBTI message":

Speaking at the launch of a new study challenging the Catholic Church’s stance on homosexuality, the former president said she was also 'terrified' by gay priests and nuns who taught children that homosexuality was wrong. 
She said: "A phenomenon that I have found very commonly are what I call the 'fake hetero homophobes' within the clergy, who live double lives as gay men and women, but who [wear a veil] that is really stridently homophobic. 
"And I find them terrifying. Many of them are young priests who are going to be the very pastors who I as a mother might have taken my son to, for example, for help. 
"And when I think of the damage that they can cause, they themselves are very damaged human beings."

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I'll give you two guesses about where His Eminence locates the scandal among the clergy — hint:  It's not the clericalism, the abuse of power, the cruel arrogance masked as "Catholic Truth." It's, "Bring on the emangelization! Get those homosexuals out of the priesthood and hierarchy."

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