Saturday, August 25, 2018

Homophobic Right-Wing Catholics Push Meme That Francis Is Responsible for McCarrick: Please Remind Me Who Made McCarrick Archbishop & Cardinal?

I'm confused. There's a big "bombshell" being pushed hard this Satruday evening by homophobic right-wing Catholics like Rod Dreher claiming that Francis knew what McCarrick was doing and did nothing.

If my memory serves me correctly, a different pope — perhaps the one who protected Marcial Macie made McCarrick an archbishop and a cardinal? That pope was the same now-canonized pope who was pope in 2000 when Fr. Boniface Ramsey sent a letter to the Vatican before that pope made McCarrick a cardinal, blowing the whistle on McCarrick.

Francis is somehow now responsible for all of this?

Do the people peddling this lie imagine we're all stupid enough to swallow it?

Was it Francis who protected the notorious child rapist Marcial Maciel?

The photo of Pope John Paul II and Theodore McCarrick in 1995 is by Amanda Brown of the New Jersey Star Ledger, and is here.

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