Wednesday, November 2, 2022

New Unmarked Graves Likely from Tulsa Race Riot in 1921 Unearthed

As Vanessa Romo reports, news has recently been released that 21 new unmarked graves have been discovered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at an excavation site in Oaklawn cemetery that is believed to contain the remains of Black citizens of Tulsa's Greenwood district massacred by white Tulsans in a race riot in 1921. Nineteen of the graves just found are adult graves; two appear to be burial sites of children.

I posted earlier today about the latest PRRI American Values Survey, which finds that white evangelicals, who form a significant part of the Republican base, continue to maintain that white Americans face as much discrimination as do Black ones, and white evangelicals and Republicans are far less inclined than other groups of Americans to view white supremacy as a major problem in the US today.

Until this nation faces honestly its troubled racial history and its legacy of racial discrimination and injustice, its democracy, such as it perdures, will continue to be fragile and threatened. And I frankly see few signs that the nation has the political will at the moment to address these issues honestly and with healing intent.

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