Friday, November 11, 2022

A Fall-Winter Treat: Fresh Cranberries Made into Cranberry-Orange Relish

When cranberries are in season, we make cranberry orange relish constantly. When I was growing up, it was something always on the Christmas dinner table in a pretty cut-glass dish, one of my grandmother’s contributions. It was an accompaniment to both the turkey and ham that were always served at Christmas dinner in the large family gatherings at my grandmother's house. But that was the only time we ever ate it.

My spouse Steve and I like it with slices of ham or turkey all through the fresh cranberry season. It’s so simple to make. Just grind an orange or two, whole, cut into chunks, any seeds removed, and as the orange starts to get pulpy, add the cranberries and grind until you have a nice raw relish. Add sugar to taste. It’s a great dose of vitamin C during the darker days of the year.

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