Thursday, August 8, 2019

SIX HUNDRED ICE Agents Haul Away 680 Workers as Man in White House Heads to El Paso: What "Pro-Life" White Christians Have Wrought

They hauled away 680 workers.

It was staged on the first day of school — obviously, it was planned in advance to occur on that day — as the man in the White House headed to a city where other Latinos were gunned down by someone representing them as an invasion,  rhetoric the man in the White House has routinely used.

Do you know what else was planned in advance and executed in a similar fashion? The answer is Kristallnacht, an act of performative cruelty performed well in advance and staged by armed goons in a single night across Germany, as synagogues were burned, Jewish businesses were smashed and looted, Jewish houses were ransacked — with the heavily Christian population of Germany standing by and watching, for the most part, when Christian neighbors were not actually taking part in this assault on Jewis neighbors.

Whose interests are served by removing 680 workers from their jobs in one of the poorest, most economically backward states in the nation and leaving their children behind?

Who will fill those jobs? From whom were these jobs taken?

Who will make up for what is being lost in economic contributions from people working, spending money, and contributing to their communities?

Who will take care of the children separated from their parents?

Someone please explain to me what is “pro-life” about what has just happened in my country after “pro-life” white Christians set it into motion.

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