Friday, August 9, 2019

"Responding with the Biggest Ever Anti-Immigrant Raid to the First Ever Anti-Latino, Anti-Immigrant Gun Massacre in This Country: This Will Be History"

Regardless of whatever they say and whatever comes out of the president's mouth, this IS the story of how our government responded to an anti-immigrant massacre committed by someone who quoted the words of the president's re-election campaign about needing to stop an immigrant invasion .... That is how this will look in history. 
The administration responding with the biggest ever anti-immigrant raid to the first ever anti-Latino, anti-immigrant gun massacre in this country: this will be history. This will go down in history as what our government did. 
~ Rachel Maddow

And then, having made those statements, Rachel Maddow concludes by reminding us that it's our government, representing us, and not just "the" government. Since that's the case, we have an obligation to choose how we intend to respond to the performative cruelty being enacted in our name and the "pro-life" white Christians who have set it all into motion by their votes in 2016, and who remain the most ardent supporters of the man crafting the performative cruelty for their amusement.

Will we continue to allow them to take our democratic government captive, as a minority who do not represent the views of the majority? Will those of  us who claim to be Christian as well continue to allow them to represent Christianity for all the rest of us — to take captive the very meaning of Christianity as they twist the gospels to mean something that turns the gospels and the message of choosing life upside down?

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