Wednesday, January 16, 2019

McCarrick Story Continues to Chug Along, While McCloskey Story Loses Steam: Why?


Once again:

1. Why has RNS absolutely ignored the McCloskey story? RNS decidedly has not done so in the case of the McCarrick story.

2. And surely Terry Mattingly knows this? So why is he trying to convince us that it's the McCloskey story that has gotten all the ink?

3. My impression is that the McCloskey story is already fading — is not being talked about much at all in the mainstream media, by the Catholic media, on social media. Why is that, one has to wonder, when the McCarrick story remains front and center in people's minds (as it should be, but along with the McCloskey story)?

These are questions well worth asking. They point to further questions about the considerable influence of Opus Dei and its powerful protectors, and also to questions about homophobic bias in many sectors of church and society. 

To repeat: McCarrick deserves no pass at all because he preyed on young men and boys. Not in the least. This is not in the least what I am saying. But the disproportionate attention on his predation, while McCloskey's seems to get a shoulder-shrug in many quarters, says a great deal about homophobic bias in our media, in churches, among lay adherents of churches.

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