Sunday, January 6, 2019

As U.S. Bishops (Some of Them) Pray Together, Twitter Comments: "Through It All, and Still Today, the Bishops Have Attempted to Deflect Blame for the Crisis Onto Others"

Twitter keeps talking about the pray-and-repent retreat of the U.S. Catholic bishops this past week, and I keep finding tweets I think are worth sharing with you. In the thread below, I've repeated one I've already shared from Michael J. O'Loughlin, in tandem with ones from Michael Bayer and Legionary of Christ priest Father Matthew to illustrate a point one constantly encounters in discussions of Catholic matters online: where does the truth lie? When one person's set of facts appears flatly to contradict another person's set of facts — and those peddling false information almost never apologize for doing so and retract their, em, well, perhaps it's uncharitable to call them lies, but….

Some of these tweets are not about the bishops' retreat per se, but about issues that impinge on that retreat and have to have been on the bishops' minds (those that deigned to attend the retreat) as they prayed about the abuse situation in the church and their responsibility for it.

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