Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Telling My Story (Follow-Up to OUTWORDS Interview)

I thought that if I performed brilliantly in school, I could carve out a safe niche for myself in a hostile world, so that when the wrath came, it would not find me in my hidey-hole. I was mistaken.

When people want to see a stereotype and not a human being, when they choose to do this so that they can treat the stereotypical object as a thing and not as a person akin to themselves, learning doesn't matter. People who manufacture scapegoats and then destroy those scapegoats in order to cleanse themselves of pollution don't care about learning. They wouldn't be in the hating-attacking business in the first place, if they did care about learning.

There is no safe place for LGBTQ human beings in our society unless we fight to build that place for ourselves and others, in collaboration with those who care about shielding targeted minority groups from the hostility of the social mainstream. 

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