Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Doc's a Woman, My Inflatable Doll Is a Lesbian, and It's Never About Misogyny: "Doctor Who" Freakout and Trump-Era Politics

There's a common thread in these tidbits from today's news, I think. Can you spot it? (One hint: it's never about racism, misogyny, or homophobia — even when it's always about racism, misogyny, and homophobia).

Esme Cribb, "Bannon’s 2016: 'Rootless White Males,' 'Pure Evil' And A 'F*cking Hammerhead'":

Bannon drew inspiration from what he called the "monster power" of "rootless white males" who frequented websites about the massive online game World of Warcraft, according to Green.

Miranda Blue, "How The Religious Right's Love For 'Lion Of Christianity' Putin Is Helping To Shield Trump":

The Religious Right played a key role in cultivating an image of Putin as a pious and manly anti-Obama; already inclined to turn a blind eye to the president’s shortcomings, these activists are unlikely to see a cozy relationship with Putin and his representatives as a cause for concern.

Sarah K. Burris, "'My inflatable doll is a lesbian': White House calls go off the deep end after Trump gets healthcare blindside":

"My inflatable doll is a lesbian," said one unmuted voice during a White House call during a briefing on Iran, according to CBS News reporter Jackie Alemany.

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