Monday, February 27, 2017

"Sharing Our Lives as Theology, Part 4": A Theological Video Conversation Produced by Rachel Fitzgerald and Mark Shumway

It's my privilege to share with you again today a video conversation between Brazilian theologian Ivone Gebara, educator and spiritual director Marlene DeNardo, Rachel Fitzgerald and Mark Shumway, the husband-and-wife team who organized this conversation and produced the video. and me. Rachel is a psychotherapist with a background of teaching spirituality, including at the Latin American School of Spirituality and Ethics, and Mark is a psychologist and mental health counselor who teaches in a variety of culturally diverse contexts. Mark's son Christopher Shumway was the masterful technological guru behind the scenes of this video — a very important part of the production process.

Here's Rachel and Mark's summary of this video, from its YouTube page:

This is the fourth in a series of Skype conversations between Ivone  Gebara (Brazil) and William Lindsey (USA). Invited to consider the rising tide of hate and violence characterizing recent political campaigns in their respective countries, the two theologians refer to anthropologist Mary Douglas' findings on the social and institutional origins of cognition. Within this framework, Ivone and William consider core theological concepts relative to hate and violence in the public arena.  Although the audio-visual quality of the Skype recording requires patience for the viewer/listener, the theological reflections  addressing the contemporary incendiary political climate reward effort. 

This is the fourth in a series of these theological conversations organized by Rachel and Mark. I've shared the previous three already — here, here, and here.

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