Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Quote for Day: When Presidential Candidates Attend Rally at Which Calls to Exterminate Gays Are Made, Why Is This Not Major News?

Katherine Stewart in New York Times this past Monday:

When presidential candidates court support among the audience of a pastor who openly discusses the extermination of millions of their fellow citizens, why is this not major news? 
Most functioning democratic parties in the modern world have mechanisms for marginalizing elements whose presence will ultimately prove destructive to both the political system and the party itself. What has happened to the Republican Party's immune system? 
And why are the rest of us complacent? 

The photo: the first gay couple to marry in Ireland, Richard Dowlin and Cormac Gollogly, leaving a marriage office in County Tipperary following their wedding. The photo, from yesterday's "Photo Highlights of the Day" column in The Guardian, is by Cathal Mcnaughton of Reuters.

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