Thursday, November 12, 2015

Kaya Oakes on How "Whitest, Malest, Straightest, Most Educated" Representatives of Christianity Are Driving People from Religion

Kaya Oakes, writing yesterday at Religion Dispatches about the battle that Christians opposed to marriage equality have lost:

In the newest Pew survey, it's revealed that Nones in America—who formerly often said that they believed in God but chose not to belong to a single religion—are becoming increasingly secular. Nothing, I would argue, is more effective at driving people away from religion than watching its most elite representatives—the whitest, malest, straightest, most educated, with the biggest platforms—devolve into kindergarteners, ganging up on others, bullying, preaching a Gospel of intractability and exclusion. 
If this is the Christianity they want, perhaps it is time for that Christianity to die, because it has very little to do with the person who started it.

To which I say a hearty Amen. 

The photo of Kaya Oakes is from NPR's KQED website — public media for northern California.

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