Monday, August 18, 2014

All in an Evening's (Police) Work in One American Suburb: Tear-Gassing an 8-Year Old, Threatening and Arresting Reporters, Driving Trucks Through Citizens Gathered in Streets

Good morning, America. Here's an account via Twitter of what went on in one American suburb last evening. As Gabrielle Bluestone was reporting for Gawker as this fresh hell broke loose in Ferguson, Missouri, the police abruptly appeared well before curfew began, donning gas masks as they jumped out of their vehicles, and hitting reporters and children (the gathering was a peaceful gathering of people on the streets at this point) with the gas. Bluestone writes,

It's not clear what sparked the sudden violent turn just after 10 pm on Sunday. The St. Louis Police Department posted on Twitter around the same time that molotov cocktails had been thrown at officers, but reporters on the scene described a peaceful protest that quickly turned into a cloud of tear gas and piercing LRAD sounds.

What follows is the account that unfolded on Twitter as the tear gas was deployed and tanks rolled through the area — the account, insofar as I was following it on Twitter as it was happening.

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