Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Supremes' Hobby Lobby Ruling Sparks New Hashtag Memes, #DrHobbyLobby and #BoycottHobbyLobby

In case you're not thoroughly sick of the Hobby Lobby discussion (in which case, you may be glad — or appalled — to hear I'll soon return to that other dead horse, the recent Vatican document on the family), there's this: as David Badash reports for The New Civil Rights Movement today, the Supremes' Hobby Lobby ruling has sparked the creation of two new satirical hashtags at Twitter — #DrHobbyLobby and #BoycottHobbyLobby.

Sarah Baker's tweet at the head of the posting is from being circulated by a number of Twitter threads about the Hobby Lobby decision. Other favorites of mine from the two threads above:

Well. It's better to laugh than cry sometimes. Isn't it? 

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