Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rachel Maddow on Post-Hobby Lobby: "It's Already Started. Justice Ginsburg's Dissent . . . Is Already Coming True"

While the centrists who are always predictably infatuated with the rulings of powerful men continue to find all kinds of ways (and here) to parse the recent Hobby Lobby ruling by five Catholic Supreme men as, well, not so bad a thing, because freedom, after all, Rachel Maddow tells it like it is:

So the news this week is not just about a couple of forms of birth control. It is not just about even every form of birth control. Turns out the news this week is about wanting the right to fire gay people for being gay, and it's about all birth control, and it's presumably about every other conceivable advantage that conservatives think they will be able to gain by calling what they want to do that's otherwise against the law a variety of religious freedom. It's already started. Justice Ginsburg's dissent about what that ruling really meant is already coming true. The floodgates are already opening.

Don't you love how the centrists pretend to stand in the middle, but somehow never fail to find ways to side with those who have power? As those same people in the "center" perpetually find ways to justify what those on the extreme right do, while doing the dirty work of the powerful to keep those on the left slapped down and kept in their marginal places . . . . 

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