Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hans Küng, Can We Save the Catholic Church? on What Makes Church Church (Hint: Looking, Talking, and Acting Like Jesus)

Hans Küng, Can We Save the Catholic Church? (London: William Collins, 2013), on what makes a church a church — at the most fundamental level of all:

Without a concrete and consequent return to the historical Jesus Christ, to his message, his behavior and his fate (as I described it in my book On Being a Christian [1977]), a Christian church — whatever its name — will have neither true Christian identity nor relevance for modern human beings and society (58).


All reforms have to be measured against the central benchmark of the Church, against the historical Jesus as we come face to face with him in the New Testament: the Christ of the Christians, inimitably present in the outlines of his Gospel, his behaviour and his destiny, notwithstanding all attempts at critical deconstruction (253).

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