Friday, June 13, 2014

A Copy of Our Wedding Announcement, One Month (and a Day) Down the Road

Well, it has been a month (and a day) since our marriage, and though Friday the 13th might not be the most auspicious day to share this document with you, what the heck: I'm going to do so anyway. We've made it through a month of marriage and I'm happy to report to you, we remain married.

The graphic at the top of the posting: an announcement of our wedding generously provided as a gift to us by Judge Wendell Griffen, who officiated at our marriage, and his wife Patricia, who worked with a graphic artist to produce it. Since I don't have the address of every reader of this blog to mail you a copy (indeed, I don't even know who the 2,000+ folks reading postings here most days are), I thought I'd post a picture of it.

Thanks again to all of you who have sent good wishes. We very deeply appreciate them.

A note about why I haven't changed my biographical statement in the "About Me" section of the blog's homepage: something in Blogger appears to be broken, and is preventing not only me but many others who use Blogger from making editorial changes in that part of the blog's template. I've repeatedly notified Blogger of the problem (and many others are doing so), and hope there will be a fix down the road.

P.S. A reminder that clicking on any graphic here should cause it to expand and be more visible and/or legible.

P.S.S. And as I keep reminding Steve, it's not precisely 43 years, but 42 years and now "going on" 43 years.

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