Saturday, December 8, 2012

Questions for Archbishop Cordileone: Where Does the Fixation on Demonizing Gays Come From?

Two questions I'd like to ask Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone:

1. Why are you so obsessed with demonizing your gay brothers and sisters, with excluding us from your Catholic community?

Where does this fixation to prove us less human than yourself come from?

2. Why do you cruelly exclude the children of gay parents from your definition of family?  

In defense of a model of marriage that you regard as traditional, you say, "Marriage is the foundation of a just society, as it protects the most vulnerable among us, children."  But same-sex couples also have children.  Same-sex families are also family.

Your attack on the parents of same-sex couples is also an attack on their children.

Your mean-spirited, harm-bearing preoccupation with gay and lesbian people and their families strikes me as arising from some dark place and not the place of light to which the gospels point us, Archbishop.  During Advent, is it impossible for you to find in the inn of your heart room for those too long shut out of human community and human rights?

Does our salvation not depend entirely on enlarging our hearts to make room for those we have long despised, and for those excluded from human rights afforded to everyone else in the world?  If not, then what can the coming of God's love into the world as human flesh possibly mean?

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