Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mary Elizabeth Williams on Scalia's Response to Gay Princeton Student: "Behaving Like an Arrogant, Dismissive Tool"

Justice Scalia at Red Mass, D.C., 2008

Mary Elizabeth Williams assesses Antonin Scalia's recent supercilious response to a question from a gay student at Princeton about his equation of laws banning sodomy with laws banning murder:

Antonin Scalia, you crazy cutup, you. With the Supreme Court currently gearing up to review two cases that have the potential to become watershed moments in the fight for marriage equality, the famously conservative associate justice is facing his old nemesis yet again – the HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA. And he’s doing it in his usual way — by behaving like an arrogant, dismissive tool to gay people, right to their faces.

As I observe Scalia's "arrogant, dismissive" behavior towards those who are gay on repeated occasions, I don't forget that he's not merely Catholic, but a self-professed defender of the faith, whose son Paul Scalia is a priest and a chaplain to the Courage group, which proclaims that its mission is to create "a spiritual support system" for gay and lesbian Catholics.

Nor do I forget that the Catechism of the Catholic Church (§2358) calls on Catholics to interact with their LGBT brothers and sisters "with respect, compassion, and sensitivity."

I wonder what part of "spiritual support" or "respect, compassion, and sensitivity" Antonin Scalia's arrogant and dismissive behavior to that young gay Princeton student embodies.

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