Thursday, September 6, 2012

Women as the Enemy and the Religious Right's Claim to Own God: A Photo-Essay

Something seems really wrong with a nation (and with churches) where these are supposed to be the enemy:

And where the people making the claims that the preceding human beings are the enemy write about how "women's groups" have polarized conversations re: human rights and values in the U.S.--while never looking with any honesty at the attack mounted against women by political groups they're implicitly defending as they heap blame on women who ask to be treated with respect and dignity.  And while never looking carefully at how the all-male leaders of their own churches, whom they defend implicitly, have chosen to treat women as the enemy, and therefore to make women the enemy.

Something seems wrong with a world in which the faces above represent the enemy, while these faces, it goes without saying, represent God:

And where this face and the face beside it are essentially the same face, since they write precisely the same kind of political analysis when the question happens to be women's rights:

Given a choice between the faces that claim to stand and speak in the place of God and the faces of the enemy, I feel strongly inclined to stand with the enemy and not with the representatives of God in the world.

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