Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More on "Enemies of the Church": Current Attack on Valerie Jarrett

And about those "enemies of the church": read this commentary now breaking at National Catholic Reporter.  Which seems to be a growing meme among centrist Catholic commentators who continue to do the hard right's dirty work while claiming to stand aloof from the political fray.  

Funny, isn't it, how predictably it's women--especially assertive and outspoken ones--who are the "enemies of the church"?  Maybe the Catholic church wouldn't have enemies if its pastoral leaders and those who keep defending them didn't make enemies.

As a gay person who never set out to be disenchanted with the Catholic church--who, to the contrary, longed for a spiritual home in the church I chose as a young teen--I know a little bit about being treated and perceived as an "enemy of the church," and about the draconian maneuverings of "pastoral" leaders and "faithful" Catholics that create enmity where none previously existed between the Catholic church and various communities that Catholic leaders and their centrist co-belligerents love to target.

So that they can continue the spurious, self-serving meme of "enemies of the church"--as they actively produce the "enemies" about which they keep yelling.

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