Saturday, October 9, 2010

Quote for the day: Jeff Jarvis attempts to explain to Katie Couric why Tyler Clementi's tragic suicide is not a morality tale about the dangers of technology, but about the "human tragedy" in which we are all involved, when we fail to create safe spaces in our society for young people struggling to accept their identity as gay or lesbian:

I also said society bears responsibility in this story. That today anyone would still feel shame about being revealed as gay — full stop — and then would make such a tragic decision is our failing. I told Couric that the gays and lesbians who have summoned the courage to leave their closet and privacy behind to stand before the homophobes — saying, “Yes, I’m gay, you have a problem with that?” — are the heroes who used their publicness as a weapon against bigotry . . .

But in enduring morals and ethics — the Golden Rules — we parents remain the teachers and I don’t think we give ourselves enough credit for teaching and our children enough credit for learning well. Those rules pertain no matter the medium or the technology in which human interaction occurs. The Rutgers story is not a tale of technology creating tragedy. It is a story of human tragedy.

 H/t Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish.

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